February 15, 2021
Offer to God a sacrifice of praise.
Psalm 50:14 (responsorial)

In two days, Ash Wednesday will be here and Lent begins. We may be planning our Lenten discipline, with sacrifice being at the top of our list. We have a list of dos and don’ts and hope to keep our resolve until Easter.

But let’s not forget the injunction in today’s psalm: The sacrifice God asks for is our praise. This is harder than we think. And it is neither a cop-out nor a gloss over our Lenten duties. 

This is a call to look at our life with all the weakness we have brought to it, the challenges we have faced and the poor reactions—riddled with regret—that we have often had. This is offering praise to God in all the seasons of our life, for we trust that God alone can make us whole. It is a small way of acknowledging God as the Planner of our lives. God lays the foundation and we, the bricks. 

May this coming Lent deepen our sacrifice of praise as we accept what has been, what is and what may yet to be.

- Sr. Bridget Haase O.S.U.

Genesis 4:1-15, 25 • Psalm 50:1, 8, 16-17, 20-21 Mark 8:11-13
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