February 20, 2021
Saturday after Ash Wednesday
‘Follow Me’
He said to him, “Follow me.” And leaving everything behind, he got up and followed him.
Luke 5:27-28

About the time I become better focused on “leaving everything” that keeps me from having an undivided heart, up pops another distraction to lead me astray. This might be due to a nagging irritation about someone’s behavior or learning about a new version of a digital device I obsessively think I must have. My heart detours from following wholeheartedly when something grabs my mental and emotional attention to the extent that I become overly self-oriented.

I wonder if Levi, the tax collector, diverged from attentively following. After leaving his customs post to join Jesus, did he ever get sidetracked later on and want to avoid the challenging teachings he heard? Did he wander off for a while in fear of the local religious leaders who threatened his spiritual mentor? Maybe Levi did. If so, he kept returning to the One who touched his heart and said, “Follow me.

”We can keep returning too.

- Sr. Joyce Rupp

Isaiah 58:9b-14 • Psalm 86:1-6 Luke 5:27-32
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