Patricia Livingston

Patricia Livingston

Patricia Livingston is a well-known speaker, author, and retreat director. A mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, she lives with her husband in Tampa, Florida.

Except for the years I was Associate Director of the sabbatical program at Notre Dame for men and women in full time ministry in the Church, my career has been mostly speaking and writing.  My speaking has included workshops, talks at religious education and diocesan conventions, programs at retreat centers and parishes and leading retreats. My writing has included articles for various Catholic publications, seasonal booklets, and three books for Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Writing for Living Faith began with a poignant surprise. Prior to this surprise, I had subscribed to Living Faith for a long time, looking forward to reading it every morning after praying with the Scriptures of the day. I had just returned from Knoxville, TN, where I been staying with my sister who was in a heartbreaking struggle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. During my visit, we would assure each other, as we had done through so many seasons of life before, that, “We are in this together.”

The morning I came home, the reflection in Living Faith so exactly expressed what I was feeling for her ordeal, that I put down the book in tears. When I opened it again, I was looking at a different page. It had an excerpt from my own new book, Let in the Light!

When I wrote the editor to thank him, he responded by inviting me to join the team as a writer. I felt as if the Living Faith team was saying to me: “We are in this together.”

Reading and writing for Living Faith gives me a profound sense of connection with all those who read it; and, far beyond that, with all of our sisters and brothers on this human journey. My hope is that our “living faith” can encourage all of us to trust God, who assures us in Scripture that, “We are in this together.”

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